Diálogo entre Raíces 

 David Duque & Luis Alejandro García 

Timple and guitar are both rooted in popular tradition. Over the centuries, guitar's scope envolved to become a solo instrument with total autonomy. The technical and organological revolution, together with the new repertoire composed and adapted for the six strings, positioned the guitar at the same level of the rest of the solo instruments. In its case, timple's development has been similar, although much later: around the last 50 years.


Given the paralelism in the origin and evolution of both instruments, 'Diálogo entre raíces' arises as a proposal that, at first, tries to capture said similarities, through the Canary and Latin American popular repertoire. However, the idea points a step further, by including in the recital a tour of the musical academicism in which a Renaissance, Baroque and Classical-Romantic repertoire is addressed. Thus, once again hand-by-hand, timple and guitar will travel their popular paths, but with a new prism's contribution, innovative in this format.

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